1933 - 63

Τitle: Sunshine & Health, Vol. XVI, No. 3, March, 1947
Subtitle: Official Organ of the American Sunbathing Association, Inc.
Publisher: Outdoor Publishing Company
Managing Editor: Ilsley Boone
Editor in Chief: Malcolm C. Ganteaume
Associate Editors:
J. Reed Suplee, Mark Thrice, William Sheppard Sparks
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Frequency: Monthly
Format: 216x292mm (trimmed)
Pages: 44 single colour printed on newsprintr including colour covers
Illustrations: 37 colour,  duotone & black and white pictures and sketches
Front Cover Photo: N/A
Binding: Saddle-stapled
Weight: 114gr.

Single Copy: USD0.40
Subscription  rates (12 issues): USD4.00

  Publisher’s Desk
(5) The Readers Forum
(8) Social Hygiene For A Better Tomorrow by Margaret A. B. Pulis
(11) Editorial Comment
(14) Nudists, Welcome! by Dr. & Mrs. C. L. Carlisle
(15) Wake up… and Exercise by Mac McCullough
(16) The Evolution of Obscenity by Arthur B. Clay
(19) American Pictorial of Sunshine & Health
(23) The Hilltop.. by Daveandag
(25) At The Pool by Mabel Allen King
(27) Eat, Healthfully… and Like It! by Margaret A. B. Pulis
(29) Around The World; News, Views, Letters
(30) The A.S.A. Bulletin
(34) How To Contact A Local Nudist Group
(36) Directory of Affiliated Groups
(38) Nudism in Art & Photography by Bill Lake
(39) Classified Section
(40) Outstanding Books

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