1900 -

Τitle: Health & Efficiency, Volume XI No. 6, June 1941
Subtitle: The World's Leading Naturist Journal, Est. 1900
Publisher: The Athletic Publications, Ltd
Language: English
Country of Origin: The United Kingdom
Format: 188x245mm (trimmed)
Illustrations: 51 black and white plates, pictures and sketches
Pages: 52 single colour printed on yellowish paper including covers (volume continuous pagination)
Frequency: Monthly
Βinding: Saddle-stapled
Weight: 136gr.
Single Copy: 1'-
Subscription Rates: Post paid to any part of the world, 12 months 10s. 6d.; 6 months 5s. 3d. (including all special double numbers issued during the period of subscription, but not including the “HEALTH AND EFFICIENCY” SUMMER ANNUAL, which is an extra).


(128) Milestones in Naturism
(130) Recruiting a Naturist by J. H. Bowden, R.N.
(132) Memories of Sunshine Days
(136) Happy Games for the Sunclub by the Secretary of the North Devon Sun Club
(138) Don't let Summer Troubles trouble You by Dr. S. B. Whitehead
(140) Summer Meals for Naturists by Bamford Stanley
(142) Legs and the Body Beautiful by Anthony Peacock
(143) The Usefulness of Pelmanism (Advertisement Feature)
(146) The Classical Torso by Frank Miles
(150) Ideal Naturist Holidays
(151) What Naturism has Done For Me by “Working Wife”
(152) Our Free Health Advice Service
(154) Unhappy Marriages by T. W. Standwell
(155) What the Sunclubs are Doing by Dorothy Macaskie
(156) Health Hints for June by Bamford Stanley
(157) Small Advertisements

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