1933 - 59

Τitle: Sun Bathing Review, Vol. 16, No.63, Autumn, 1948
Subtitle: Quarterly Journal of the Sun Societies
Publisher: Link House Publications, Inc.
Language: English
Country of Origin: The United Kingdom
Format: 188x246mm (trimmed)
Pages: 28 (volume continuous pagination) single colour printed on glossy paper including single colour covers
Illustrations: 31 retouched black and white pictures
Frequency: Quarterly
Βinding: Saddle-stapled
Weight: 58gr.
Single Copy: 1/-
Subscription rates: (4 issues) 4/6 post free


(50) Are Nudists Mad? by Alec Toynbee
(52) Publicity by Wallace Arter
(55) In Switzerland They Disapprove by V. A. Baker
(57) Nudism And American Extra-Legal Action by Julian Strange
(59) Pictorial Supplement
(63) Generally Speaking by the Editor
(65) The Sensible Way to Sun Tan by S. B. Whitehead
(68) Camera Shots from Readers’ Albums
(70) In My Opinion

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