1946 - 59

Τitle: Naturel Herald, Vol. 2, No. 11 , November, 1947
Affiliation: Official Organ of Naturel Community
Subtitle: A Publication Dedicated to the Ideals of a People Who Live True to Life and One Another
Publisher: Naturel Herald Publishing Co.
Managing Editor: Ivan A. Brovont
Assistant Editor: Maria R. Brovont
Contributing Editors: Stanley B. Walsh, John M. Bettner
Country of Origin: U.S.A.

Frequency: Monthly
Format: 139x214mm (trimmed)
Pages: 32 single colour printed on glossy paper including duotone covers
Illustrations: 21  black and white pictures and sketches
Front Cover Photo: Burten
Binding: Saddle-stapled

Single Copy: USD0.30
Subscription  rates (12 issues): USD4.00

(2) We Visit Uncle John by Hal Lawson
(3) The Editor's Watchtower by Ivan & Maria
(9) Nudist Women's Department by Maria R. Brovont
(10) Sequoians' Camp Rules
(11) Our Trip to the A.S.A. Convention by Ivan A. Brovont
(20) Cobblstone Suntanners
(20) New Florida Camp Coming
(20) Oakdale New Letter
(23) Folly of Convention by John Michael Bettner
(24) The Story of Friendship Manor by Wilma Stewart
(27) From the Editor's Mail
(28) Classified Advertising
(29) Directory of Established Nudist Groups
(30) Directory of Nudist Clubs Now Forming

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