Τitle: Sun Bathing Review, Vol. 14, No.53, Spring, 1946
Subtitle: Quarterly Journal of the Sun Societies
Publisher: Link House Publications, Inc.
Language: English
Country of Origin: The United Kingdom
Format: 184x246mm (trimmed)
Pages: 28 (volume continuous pagination) single colour printed on glossy paper including single colour covers
Illustrations: 23 retouched black and white pictures by Marius Goetzsche, Paul Hadley, Feriel, Edith Tudor Hart and other uncredited photographers
Frequency: Quarterly
Βinding: Saddle-stapled
Weight: 63gr.
Single Copy: 1/-
Subscription rates: (4 issues) 4/6


(1) Operation Renascence by The Editor
(2) The Lake Of Beautiful Waters by Alan-A-Dale
(5) Body Conscious… by E.C. Carroll
(6) Tips For Sun Bathers by S.B. Whitehead
(7) Goodwill Among Men by Creswell Taylor
(8) Alice In Summerland by Paul Hadley
(15) Survey Of The Sun Clubs, 1946
(17) Prepaid Small Advertisements Miscellaneous
(18) Camera Shots From Sun Bathers
(20) Sunlight Cures, Part 4: Rheumatism by S.B. Whitehead

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