Τitle: Sun Bathing Review, Vol. 15, No.59, Autumn, 1947
Subtitle: Quarterly Journal of the Sun Societies
Publisher: Link House Publications, Inc.
Language: English
Country of Origin: The United Kingdom
Format: 184x246mm (trimmed)
Pages: 28 (volume continuous pagination) single colour printed on matt paper including single colour covers
Illustrations: 25 retouched black and white pictures by Feriel,  Leila Barford, Anthony Peacock, Ron and other uncredited photographers
Frequency: Quarterly
Βinding: Saddle-stapled
Weight: 53gr.
Single Copy: 1/-
Subscription rates: (4 issues) 4/6 post paid


(50) Are We Too ‘Select’… by Alec Craig
(53) Midsummer Gladness by William Hand
(56) Freedom for Toddlers by Leila Barford
(58) The Bookself: Seaside Fashions and Foibles
(59) Pictorial Supplement
(63) Generally Speaking by The Editor
(64) Sun-Therapy v. Obesity by S.B. Whitehead
(68) Camera Shots from your Album
(70) In My Opinion…

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