Τitle: The Naturist, Vol. XIII No. 1, December, 1949
Subtitle: A Magazine for all interested in Physical Fitness, Hygiene, Diet, Sunbathing, and a Natural Healthy Life
Publisher: The Naturist (1941), Ltd., London
Language: English
Country of Origin: The United Kingdom
Format: 216x279mm (trimmed)
Illustrations: 26 duotone and black and white retouched plates and pictures
Front Cover Photo: Serge
Pages: 24 single colour printed on newsprint including duotone front cover
Frequency: Monthly
Βinding: Saddle-stapled magazine
Weight: 52gr.
Single Copy: 1’
Subscription rates (12 issues): 14/- post free

(1) A Very Happy Christmas by The Editor
(3) The Way The Wind Blows: A Survey Of Interesting Items Of The Month
(4) Adolescence: A Critical Time For Parents As Well As Young People by C. S. Frost
(5) Rosemary Andrée on Nude Dancing For Health by June Hope Kynaston
(6) Sunday 30 October B.S.B.A. Annual General Meeting by Peter Williams
(7) Christmas Cheer At The Manor House by Chas. E. Taylor
(8) How Are Your Lenses? by Clive Russell
(9) Nudism In The Garden Of England At The North Kent Sun Club by Stan Gover
(10) In Austria It’s Nudist Skiing! by M. Rowlette
(12) If I Were A “Single” Man.. by “Woodsman”
(13) “Nudism” Or “Naturism”: Frank Mitchell And The Editor Fight It Out
(14) A Triumph For The Non-Professional
(15) Nudist News From Overseas: A Round-Up Of World Naturist Affairs by Arthur Hodgson
(16) Readers Write: Boycott The “Reactionary” Clubs!
(17) Health Questions & Answers by Lawrence Campbell
(18) In Answer To Yours.. by Anne Seton
(19) News About Naturists
(20) The Odd Spot

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